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An investment rental property in San Mateo is a great asset for any property owner. However, in order to get maximum return on investment for that asset you need to ensure that your apartment provides all the basic amenities that any tenant expects.

If the units in your building are outdated or have fewer amenities as compared to your competitors, you may find it difficult to get new tenants and your property may remain vacant for long durations.

Here are 5 types of amenities that every tenant expects from their potential apartment home in San Mateo.

#1. Recreational areas

As in any well-developed area, tenants look for recreational areas in the apartment. Depending on the rent range, this can include a number of things, from something as simple as a common room to outdoor parks, skating rinks, tennis or basketball courts, swimming pools, etc. in and around the apartment complex. These areas allow people to relax in their spare time or after they are done with work. So ensure that your San Mateo apartment complex can provide at least a few of these options.

#2. Secure parking and easy transit options

A secure parking area within the apartment complex is also a necessity for tenants. Almost every resident of this area has a vehicle and hence, they need an adequate parking space in the building. Gas stations, EV charging stations, vehicle repair centers in the neighborhood can be an added bonus.

For those who do not own a vehicle or prefer taking public transport, easy transit options near the apartment are an important deciding factor. As San Mateo is located in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area, people living here expect easy transit options to the other areas of San Francisco.

#3. Pet-friendly apartments and surroundings

Nearly two-thirds of the people in the USA keep pets, so a pet-friendly apartment is a high requirement on their list. Dog-walking areas, pet-washing stations, dog parks, and lots of green spaces are a few features that make an apartment and its surroundings attractive to pet lovers. For single-family homes in San Mateo, a properly fenced yard is a great option. Window seats for cats and natural lighting in rooms are some essentials that tenants look for in all pet-friendly apartments.

#4. Community and shared amenities

Living in an apartment creates an expectation of some shared community amenities such as laundry rooms, extra storage space, and rooftop lounge areas. Playgrounds and good schools in the neighborhood can be a clinching factor, if you have several small families in your multi-family rental.

Going a step further, you can also partner with nearby businesses to offer additional amenities, such as gym memberships, clubhouse memberships, Yoga studio passes, discounted access to parlors, salons, spas, etc.

#5. Energy-efficient appliances

With increasing awareness regarding sustainable and clean living, a lot of tenants also expect some energy-efficient appliances to be provided by their San Mateo landlord. New-age renters are looking for star-rated electrical appliances such as refrigerators, TVs, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, and clothes dryers – some of the common, day-to-day requirements that are expected to be a part of any modern apartment.

That covers the basic amenities that every tenant expects from apartments these days. Providing these amenities, in addition to the conventional ones that are required in any habitable home, can set San Mateo property owners apart from the competition and increase your chances of getting good, long-term tenants.

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