Are you a real estate agent looking to sell that home? Are you having a hard time? Has it been on the market too long? Sounds like it’s time to seek out a home staging company.

Benefits of Home Staging for Real Estate Agents

Stagers Home Design was formed in 1996 in San Carlos. We are the innovators of the home staging industry. Our goal is to help agents like you sell that home in the quickest amount of time, and to get you the highest possible closing price.

How do we do it?

Professional Home Staging Services

Our team works one-on-one with you, the Realtor, to design all those homes you have for sale. We use furniture, pictures, art, and chotchkies to create a livable situation in the property. We want people to see and imagine themselves living there, so they know what they want to buy. We create designs that invoke a positive psychological mood within our buyers.

We utilize the design and layout of the home, and bring in the colors and style that help to create a flow within that home. We minimize the bad and accentuate the good parts of the house. Ultimately, we turn the house into a home.

Professional Staging Experience and Resources

We stage homes for sale and apartments as well. We can do full and partial staging for your property. The most popular rooms among buyers are the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and master bedroom. We also engage in interior design and furniture resale. So, if you want to redo an apartment or you have an Airbnb to decorate, we can help you with that, Bedroom staged by Stagers Home Designtoo.

Our team has 20 years of staging experience, and a 7,000 square foot warehouse where we keep all of our furniture. We can handle any job and get your home staged within a week.

For more information, please contact Stagers Home Design. For help managing your property, you can also contact us at Bayside Management.